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Hi readers, friends, interested guests!

Welcome to my first blog. I’ve just written and published my first book, Shadow Heart. But you’ve already figured that out.

Who am I? You may have even read my bio, but who I really am? Well, it’s layered. We’re all layered, right?

I’m a wife of my soul mate, a man I went after, when I never before cared about any other. I’m the mother of a wonderful young man trying to find his place in the world. I’m the daughter of a mother who loves me, but has never been able to really embrace me. She was the wife of an alcoholic. She was the daughter of an alcoholic. I am the daughter of an alcoholic. I am the sister of a beautiful woman whose time here was cut short I am the friend of lovely women both whom I grew up with and met along the way

It took me years to understand what family dysfunction is/was for me. And that’s part of what I’ll talk about.

My other passion is for women. When in relationships it’s easy, after the first few years, to let the passion and interest of our partner lapse into friends. We “go along” with quick sex, finger ourselves when our partners fall off to sleep, go out to dinner once in a while, but somewhere along the line we stop asking for what we want.

So I have several core values I will discuss, and circle around, and encourage discussion, and revisit occasionally during my Broken Bottles Series, the first being Shadow Heart.

1. Talk about the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family;
2. Talk about learning to risk and take a chance, and step out of the shadows of comfort. It’s only by risking that we stop hiding and have an opportunity to gain everything.
3. Exploring the deep, vivid, details of intimacy, understanding sex isn’t a sin, isn’t bad, and provides a window to an open and loving heart.
4. By asking openly, and lovingly for what we want, we help those precious people in our lives embrace their golden moments and stop the crazy circles of our lives.
5. And NEVER give up your women friends!

At this writing, there are ten novels in my series. That may change as we go. The story is done, but the editing and formatting are just beginning for books 3-10, and    may shorten or lengthen the story.

There two other series I have in development, a love story about brain trauma, and a love story that details the challenges of obesity and love of our body type, whatever that is.

Talk to you again soon!


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