Pamela Taeuffer

I was raised in a family that battled alcoholism and we were filled with dysfunction, subject to forms of abuse, the inability to communicate, and truly love one another. The devastating effects for me were fears of relationships, of being abandoned and trusting others . . . I couldn’t even trust myself.

What do I hope to do with this experience? I will strive to bring readers a deep and intimate understanding of what growing up that way does to one’s choices, the fears it brings deep into our hearts, and the deficiencies we’re left without when it comes to building relationships of every kind.

The values and results I hope to bring with the Broken Bottles Series are:

  1. Deep fears can reside in all of us and the reasons for them are numerous. I remained closed for years because of being abandoned and disappointed from my father’s alcoholism. It took years for me to understand without risk, there was nothing.
  2. If I can show readers the reasons why, perhaps they will understand these fears in their friends, family or loved ones and encourage rather than criticize, even as they seem unreachable.
  3. My truest wish is for women to lose their fear over sex. Real intimacy happens when communication and love is open and giving to your partner, asking for what you want, and allowing your partner to feel safe as he/she asks for what they want.
  4. Fears disappear only when each person feels completely safe. There is no safety without trust.

I am a new author who promises to give my readers an honest and fresh perspective of the challenges we face trying to love family, friends, and partners and in creating engagement with readers, will be diligent about responding from my heart.

For the reader, these stories detail the fears of being alone, of exploring deep intimacy and how to get to the level of love and communication in all aspects of our lives.  Many of my stories come from the journals I kept from the time I was ten. They helped me to analyze and step back from the dysfunction of my childhood, and also enabled me to recall the vivid details and memories of many of the events about which I’ve written and will continue to write through fresh eyes and fresh stories.

I promise to always write intelligently and with professional edits with every book, allowing readers to understand relationships differently, perhaps escape into the fictional and sometimes non-fictional lives of my characters and always experience a message of hope.

I loved living in San Francisco, where I was born and raised. From the time I was six years old my father took us to baseball games, and thus my love for sports grew, especially of baseball. The few close friends I grew up with I still have today, and I’ve been married more than thirty years with one son, who at nineteen suffered a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident. I also have three wonderful step children from my husband’s first marriage.

I currently run a vacation rental business in wine country for the last twenty plus years, and enjoy working it with my husband and son, and enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

  • I have a deep desire to give you an enjoyable love story
  • I want to help women understand how to ask for what they want sexually and in every other way, and to keep their partner’s hearts open, honest communications are essential when it comes to sex.
  • I will help people who may love, befriend or are related to people who are raised in addiction, understand what it does to those people so you can be better prepared to love them.
  • I promise to write intelligently, from real experiences, expertly and with professional editors, before releasing my books.
  • I will write love stories that offer a story written in such a way that it engages the reader with its reality, romance, and explore family and friendships in a hopeful and vivid way.
  • I will strive to write with such excellence that the reader will love my characters and relate to them in some form with their own family, friends, or loved ones and will see that it’s never too late to begin asking for what we want from each other.
  • Take a risk to profess genuine love for your family, partners and friends.
  • My underlying message is always with an open heart, and a hope for a romantic life; for there are no shadows that we cannot overcome. By taking a chance, even if we have to bruise and hurt ourselves, we can risk everything. For me, I was the only way to break out of the darkness.

I have and will have several works published including the first chapter of Shadow Heart in, an online magazine, several of my poems in a Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology, and a piece about my sister in an anthology of stories about sisterhood. I have also done readings at several locations in Sonoma County.

The following memberships have helped me tremendously: The California Writers Club, Romance Writers of America, The Redwood Writers, and Healdsburg Literary Guild, Women’s National Book Association, the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and dozens of social media groups and people with whom I’ve interacted.