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I grew up in a family battling alcoholism. The effects were so far reaching; even I didn’t understand them until many years later. From pursuing my own education, to surviving every day, and tip toeing around the house avoiding my father’s rage and drunkenness, I learned to trust no one when growing up. It wasn’t until years later, I understood how intimacy and being vulnerable was the key to every relationship. My books will take you on a journey that shows how the main character in each book learns to understand this precious part of life. I hope you enjoy them. Read More…

brokenbottlesseries458x300“I write stories about the difficulties of loving: Parents, Siblings, Children, Friends, and Lovers — they all bring the challenge of desperate joy and deep despair. It’s always with a message of hope and an open heart that I tackle growing up in addiction, the effects of obesity, brain trauma, and the challenges of being an introvert.”

An e book series outlining in a step by step way, over working within our challenges to…
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A Contemporary Romance about learning to love the body we have.
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Have you ever come to the conclusion your writing/feelings are just too complicated and twisted for the majority of readers?

Have you ever come to realize that if you have too many requests and things to do your mind floods, your body responds by shutting down?

Have you ever thought yourself strange in a unique but difficult way?
Are you so sensitive that you just cannot face negativity in any form for too long?

What happens?
I get stuck.
I freeze.
I tend to get angry and my virtual middle finger goes up.

What do I do to get myself back to center?
I’ve never been a person who is "centered" to be honest. I’m a little edgy, a little–no actually a lot–of rebellious and would rather stir the pot than settle for mundane.

Have you ever considered where we fit?
I think about it all the time.

I try to do the things that others do to get noticed.
It doesn’t work for me.
I know there’s another way.
I did it in business.

I can do it in my writing.
To quote the X files: The answers are out there.
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"When you’re twenty, you’re immortal." That was said to me by supervisors, parents, employers, counselors . . . I can’t tell you how many times I heard it.

Yes, perhaps we do feel that this thing . . . this life . . . this body, all of them would never end. Of course they did. It was inevitable.

What other choice to we have but to die?

I say rock the immortal.
Be yourself.
Risk everything.

And when the butterflies in your belly tell you there’s something else besides the immediate, something more something greater . . . listen, hear it, respect it.

Women and men who have come because us, now 80, 90, 100, and deceased, have paved the way. Once they were immortal.

And you know what? Aren’t we all immortal in some small way? Even if we’re wheelchair bound, can’t we rock it?

#newadultromance #familysaga #forgiveness #addiction

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All I wanted when I was little was to be kept safe from the raging around me. Even as a small girl, I developed survival techniques. Children are smart — very smart. We see more than adults understand.

It wasn’t only that I hid under tables, my bed, in the closet positioned just right behind suits and dresses so my feet wouldn’t show, or in the basement, or when I got older, I hopped the fence and got the hell out of there.

Even so, after all that hiding and avoiding, when I forgave my dad, without making him grovel, when I understood the disease and how he’d had it passed onto him, I make a pact with myself to stop it.

How? Through forgiveness.

#familysaga #newadultromance #lovestory #forgiveness
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Shadow Heart-A Love Story About Learning to be VulnerableThanks Linda, Jamie, Christina and Betsu3 weeks ago

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One of my recurring nightmares was of my grandmother. She kept floating down the hall at me. Not sure why it took years to see her as peaceful and calm. Maybe because she was the first person I’d ever seen who died and I walked up to her casket.

Maybe it was because I felt guilty (Catholic School here!!) that I didn’t spend enough time with her as she sat getting weaker, still wondering even at 70 if her son, my dad, was sober?

The things I look back on – – – if only I had the wisdom then.
The good things is, eventually, we are wiser. Sure it was after a tons of mistakes, but that’s why I’m a beautiful soul and a smart woman.

See how good that feels?

#forgiveness #newadultromance #alcoholism #love story

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