I write and talk about letting go of fear, taking small steps toward risk and being vulnerable, reaching for intimacy and transitioning into joy. To get more information, Click Here

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My passion is to write about life’s traumas and tell them through a love story, giving real life examples of how love and intimacy helps to open our heart. My first series, Broken Bottles, is a Four Part family saga about the effects of battling family alcoholism. It freezes us, makes us fear real and imagined abandonment, and stops us from taking risks to form loving relationships. For me, the effects were so far reaching; even I didn’t understand them until many years later. From pursuing my own education, to surviving every day, wearing makeup, the way I dressed, tip toeing around the house avoiding my father’s rage and drunkenness, I learned to trust no one when growing up. My books will take you on a journey that shows how the main character in each book learns to understand how precious life is and how wonderful intimacy and vulnerability can be. It’s about letting go of fears and transitioning into joy. I hope you like them. Read More…

brokenbottlesseries458x300“I write stories about the difficulties of loving: Parents, Siblings, Children, Friends, and Lovers — they all bring the challenge of desperate joy and deep despair. It’s always with a message of hope and an open heart that I tackle growing up in addiction, the effects of obesity, brain trauma, and the challenges of being an introvert.”

An e book series outlining in a step by step way, over working within our challenges to…
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A Contemporary Romance about learning to love the body we have.
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Thank you to all of you who have downloaded Shadow Heart during my free promotion 2/3 and 2/4. If you enjoy it, just send me an e mail and I’ll let you know when the others are coming. Wishing you all a safe and fulfilled week!


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I prayed this way from when I was four years old:
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Please bless my mother, father, sister, everyone in the word, and please make my father quit drinking.

In Shadow Heart, a Love Story about overcoming family dysfunction and reaching or a loving, intimate relationship, Nicky Young realizes and believes these:

Something bad is coming; it always does
I can’t ask for help; I’m too ashamed
I can’t talk about family secrets; no one understands
I can’t trust anyone; they always leave

Now she has come of age and wants to break the chain of her family’s addiction. How can she love and forgive them while embracing the independent woman who is struggling to get out?

This coming of age story is great for teens and new adults, college bound women, and women in transition. The overriding themes in the Broken Bottles series are family, making loving relationships with friends and partners, and being able to ask for what we want in a healthy way. Won’t you join Nicky’s Journey?

Free on Amazon Kindle 2/3 and 2/4


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When eighteen, so many things were in question. I didn’t understand the full impact of my dad’s alcoholism, nor my co-dependent mom. But I did learn to accept and forgive them. This is how I felt sometimes:

I know I have love . . . don’t I?
My parents love me . . . don’t they?
I don’t hear them tell me, but I know they have problems telling me . . . or is it something more?

My friends love me, don’t they?
We don’t say it enough, but we say it to one another way more than my family says it.

We’re numb
I’m numb
I have a heart that beats, but it’s frozen
It has had to shut itself down so it wouldn’t die.

Sometimes I think death
Might be a better option
Instead of watching the rage, the insults, the sarcasm we wear
The dark secrets we keep
The false faces and smiles

We paint on our happy faces
To cover
the love that
I’m sure I have in my life . . . don’t I?

What are the poems you write? How do you express the frustration and feelings of abandonment?

My series, Broken Bottles, is about learning to love, in spite of dark family secrets and fears of never having or being able to love. Won’t you follow our heroine, Nicky Young on her journey?

Shadow Heart is free in Amazon Kindle 2/3 and 2/4. I’d love to welcome you along!

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Journaling was a big part of understanding my childhood, raised by parents battling alcoholism and their co-dependent relationships. I love growing in bookstores for new journals, their blank pages waiting to be filled with poems and thoughts, recordings of the day or just an idea . . . I highly encourage women of all ages to try it. When you look back on an event you’ve noted, smiles and sometimes tears, and sometimes a new understanding, comes to light. I’d love to design a journal to go with the Broken Bottles Series. What might it look like?

Probably the logo (shown below) and I’d love to glam it up with sparkles, while inside, stories, bits of inspiration from children who have survived parental addiction, bashfulness, women who are transitioning into another life . . . would something like this be of value to you as the reader?

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A young woman’s awakening in the Broken Bottles Series. Much more than sexual intimacy, this series details opening her heart, learning to trust another, allow herself to become vulnerable, and lose her fears.

From Jagged Heart, Book 3, Part I of Broken Bottles Series:

It felt like a drizzle of hot rain had slipped down from my belly. Nerves that were hidden inside me, nerves that previously lay dormant, now hummed with a certain kind of electric current. My legs hid the throbbing between them.

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