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Raised in family addiction, small steps give us joy.

It seems like the appropriate time to talk about stability.

For this survivor of family addiction and trauma, having it meant everything.

How did I reach it? How do I have it all these years later when the walls seem to shake around me?

Here is one tip I’ve found invaluable, even when all I wanted was to shut down:

Keep reaching out!

Sisters in 1960 style hair dryer bonnets

All too often I let relationships come and go in my life, from family to friends. Reaching back to them, taking the chance that they may not be at the same place you are, but still taking a little step  . . .

  1. Make a list of people you wish you still had in your life.
  2. Draft a script. How will you approach them? Be honest. Reveal your feelings completely. Tell them how much you’ve missed them and would love to reestablish a relationship.
  3. Reach out to their Facebook, send them a letter, e mail, phone call
  4. Try one or two a week.
  5. Don’t make a list of dozens, choose wisely.
  6. When you reach someone who is receptive, don’t be defensive.
  7. Celebrate the joy
  8. Communicate often.

After all, it’s about transitioning.

From dark to light, insecure to secure, being empty to full, and feeling shaken to being stable.

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